BRACHIAL GYMWEAR is the brand for everyone who has a love of cool and high end clothes and where individuality and lifestyle are important to the wearer.
Everyone is familiar with the famous “German efficiency” that is portrayed in everything that seems to come out of the country. Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Bose, etc, all brands people would love to use or drive if they could afford them. Classy brands who discreetly exude an image of success and show a level of achievement.
BRACHIAL GYMWEAR use detailed effects skilfully to make sure to our customers get garments that are not only different from the run of the mill but are finished in ways that these second rate clothing companies will never achieve. 
It's our name: BRACHIAL - in German it means focused, sporty, committed. Consequently we must always have one finger on the pulse of time, we must remain constantly ahead of the pack with our ideas and clothes designs, which allows us to have fun when we work rest or play.
To have an image is important ... in character, style and sport anyway. Weight lifting, power lifting, strong man, martial arts, athletic sports, rugby or American football are some of the finest examples of the sports our customers excel in, which are only achieved through positive thinking and solid training.
Wearing Brachial just means they look the business when they are doing so.
BRACHIAL Streetwear & Sportswear - think positive, be active and live intense!