Golds Gym Flat Peak Cap

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Golds Gym Flat Peak Cap

Golds Gym Flat Peak Cap

If you’re looking for a Gym hat you can wear every day, or a performance hat you can wear while you workout, then our black and yellow Gold's Gym flat peak is the perfect choice.  A lightweight and breathable hat that fits comfortably and dries quickly. The terry sweatband keeps the perspiration out of your eyes while you’re lifting or running. You’ll love wearing your new Golds Gym Flat Peak hat everywhere you go, and people will definitely ask where you bought it!

Featuring the large iconic Gold's Gym Muscle Joe print on front.

The Gold's Gym Brand

Gold's Gym is the original Iconic bodybuilding brand. Born in 'The Mecca' Venice Beach, California. Gold's Gym paved the way for the Bodybuilding industry 50+ years ago. Joe Gold opened his first fitness centre in California and began a tradition of Commitment, Passion and Dedication that is now practiced at more than 600 locations across the globe. Now in its fifth decade the Gold’s Gym tradition continues here in the UK. The Gold's Gym clothing brand celebrates all that is great about bodybuilding. Worn by nearly all the bodybuilding greats. Every fitness enthusiast should own an item!